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Greek Wedding Bands | Russian Orthodox Rings | Orthodox Cross Rings
Home of Orthodox Christian rings & wedding bands. Greek, Arabic & Russian rings. Orthodox cross rings. Gold, platinum & silver Orthodox jewelry!
Orthodox Rings | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee | Free Engraving | tax free policies, including returns-30 Day Money Back, exchanges, sizing, shipping, free engraving, military, tax free, tithe, and privacy.
Orthodox rings | ring sizing assists visitors in three of the most time tested ways of finding ring size. We also provide additional tools and a free ring sizer!
Orthodox Marriage | Orthodox Weddings | Orthodox Cross
Articles about Orthodox marriage, Orthodox weddings, Orthodox rings, and the Orthodox cross and metals used in rings, etc. | Priest's Page
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International Shipping for Fine Jewelry Orthodox Christian Rings International Shipping availabiliy & pricing for precious metal Orthodox rings. 96 countries via FedEx International Priority.
Orthodox Cross | Russian Cross | Eastern Orthodox Cross | Three Bar
The three bar, or Russian Orthodox cross, is the most popular of Eastern Orthodox crosses. Protestants might benefit from meeting the Orthodox cross.
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Orthodox Rings | Promo Discount Connect | Bride Groom Discount
Our Promo Page. Learn about Bride & Groom Discount, joining our social network, and getting from promo materials.
Orthodox Wedding Bands | Orthodox Christian Design | Orthodox Ring
Orthodox wedding or Orthodox cross ring, is good choice for more than just design. Consider weight, comfort fit & individually made.
Orthodox Marriage | Orthodox views on birth control | Orthodox home
Orthodox Christian marriage - from biblical views on marriage to the husband's and wive's responsibilities to what makes a successful marriage & more.
Orthodox Christian Marriage | Relationship in Orthodox Marriage
Discussion about Christian marriage relationship in context of Orthodox Christian marriage, viewing it as sacrament with the goal of becoming one.
Orthodox Wedding | Orthodox Marriage | Orthodox Wedding Ceremony
Changes in family have made marriage harder. Orthodox marriage based on God's help and real love succeeds. Orthodox wedding ceremony is the beginning.
Silver-Platinum | Less Expensive Alternative to White Gold | Orthodox
Silver-Platinum is's solution to less expensive alternative to white gold. Provides added shine & durability, without the cost!
gold rings | yellow vs. white gold | 14k vs. 18k | re-plated
Brief description about differences between yellow gold and white gold, 14k vs. 18k, and maintenance of gold rings. Which ring is right for you?
Platinum Orthodox Ring | Help Designs Last Longer | Silver White Color
Platinum is a great metal choice for rings as the artwork will stay undamaged longer than any other metal, not to mention the shine! Platinum Facts
About Us | Matt Swagerty | Filling a Need |
Designs originate from Orthodox worship, weddings & Orthodox clergy. Graphics design headed by Orthodox w/ 14 years exp. Fine jewelry manufacture.
Orthodox Clergy Testimonials | Orthodox Jewelry | Orthodox Pastor
Testimonials given by Orthodox priests about & its Orthodox jewelry products (rings & wedding bands). Read what these pastors say!
Orthodox Marriage | Blessed Marriage as Orthodox | Sex in Marriage
Orthodox marriage. How to have a blessed marriage in the Orthodox Church. The role of sex & the sexuality of the husband & wife in Orthodox marriage.
Orthodox Marriage - Trust, Loyalty, Commitment | Orthodox Spouses
A Godly Orthodox marriage requires trust. Much more must take place after the Orthodox wedding. Trust is gained by a spouse's commitment and loyalty.
Orthodox Relationships | Orthodox Christian Communication with Spouse
Learn how pridefully insisting on your way ruins any relationship, especially your marriage. The answer is humility, taught by Christ and St. Isaac.
Divine Judgement vs.Human Judgement in Orthodox Christian Marriage
In Orthodox marriage human judgement will lead to anger & resentment, whereas trusting in God through the Orthodox Church will lead to righteousness.